A Cautionary Tale

On our recent jaunt down to the capital I packed my 4 mm Harmony 40 cm Fixed Circular in my check in bag so as not to risk having it seen as dangerous goods.

Please pay careful attention to the following: See these..

point protectors

point protectors

These sat in my carry on luggage along with a few other bits in bobs in a little purse. They sat quietly for the full 45 minutes and did not cause any problems. However upon arrival while unpacking clothing I discovered that those little point protectors should have really been doing what they do best so as to have saved my two relatively new merino tops form the sharp points.

So please, next time you are shoving your needles in with clothing do the right thing and let the point protectors do their job. 

Point protectors do a much better job when placed on the points of needles like so:


needle with protector


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