Lossy’s Loss

Lossy has this nasty acrylic Rip Curl beanie that he has had ever since I have known him, 12+ years. It has served him well and although he does favour the Claud beanie I made last year, when its really cold he will grab the Rib Curl one as it is longer and keeps his neck warm as well. I casted on , (is that correct English?) for the Samaras Hat on the 31st of May hoping to use up some of my stash and replace the Rip Curl beanie. However I did not check my gauge, which of course is rule number 1 when it comes to knitting, no surprise it turned out far too large, but he was able to see that the green and red stripe, although this High School colours, looked good and he liked them with the black.


So then on Thursday the new Knitty came out and there was this great pattern, from Wooly Wormhead. So I started on it instead, once again I didn’t check the gauge (you would think I would have learnt!) but knew it would be off as I was using worsted yarn which is heaver then it calls for.



Ok so it doesn’t fit Lossy but I have myself the most amazing hat. I just love it.


One response to “Lossy’s Loss

  • Libby

    Looks great, I might make one for DH – he keeps moaning that he’s lost his favourite beanie although he has a lovely possum koolhaas (it’s stretched quite a bit) and just to bug a knitter he consistently wears it inside out – maybe this pattern might suit him better?!

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