Baha Beanie

One of my fellow students at my NZSL class has a 8 month old daughter, J, who has recently got her Baha band. This amazing little devise allows for J to hear even though she has no ear carnals. The baha (bone anchored hearing aid) works by conducting sound through the skull bypassing the ear carnal or middle ear. J is too young to have a surgically implanted baha so the band holds the baha sound processor to her skull. Anything touching the processor causes interference, so wearing a hat while out watching league with Mum & Dad isn’t possible with the baha band. This is where I come in, K (J’s Mum) asked if I would be able to make her a beanie with a hole for the sound processor, and here is the result modelled by Pillow.

BAHA Band Beanie

It was surprisingly easy, and this time I did a gauge swatch, then after working out the number of stitches I cast on and knitted rib in the round for 2 inches then it was time for the hole, which is just a really big square button hole, over around 6 rows, from there on it is just a normal beanie pattern. And the best part of it all is that it fitted J perfectly and she loves it. So not more cold ears while out cheering on the local league team.


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