Ankle Socks


Pattern: My own but I used this calculator to help me with the heel and toe
Yarn: Grignasco Strong Print
Recipient: TP

Notes: I made the pattern up as I went with these and as a result the size is a bit off. I forgot that for socks you need negative ease. I calculated to start that I would need 80 stitches as my gauge was 10 stitches per inch and they needed to fit a foot which was 8″ round. After I realised the mistake I decreased in the instep of the first sock but this has left them too loose around the ankle. I guess the good thing is they have been made for a fast growing 8 year old so they will fit for some time to come. The yarn is from the LYS which has recently reopened at the local mall and is 75% merino which makes for really soft socks at 3/4 the price I would pay for it normally. I have purchased two more balls, one a fair isles type print, to be used for socks again for TP and another along this colour way but with green for gloves for myself.


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