Cupcake Mittlets

Cupcake Mittlets

Pattern: Cupcake Mittlets, by Shantha Rose
Yarn: Wash & Wear by Wendy, more earthquake sale yarn
Recipient: Me

Notes: I have been getting really cold hands while typing so went looking for a fingerless glove pattern. I originally wanted fingerless gloves rather then fingerless mittens, but having started a pair of fingerless gloves (to be blogged soon) but not being happy with the fit and needing something ASAP I looked to this pattern for a quick stash buster that would warm my hands. The pattern was really easy to follow and as I thought quick, I had them finished in just 2 days of casual knitting. The yarn was originally purchased for a jumper but has been siting in the stash for a good year, and having realised I don’t need anymore knitted garments I was glad to use a ball of it on these, now to only find what to do with the remaining 9 balls.


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