Dritto & Rovesico #47

The new Dritto & Rovesico has appeared on their website. I think they release new issues twice a year but I’m not certain about that. This issue is the fall/winter by the looks of the patterns and there are a few nice ones in there. I still can’t work out if I can get their yarns here in NZ but you can always substitute yarns with the help of Ravelry.

The first pattern which stood out for me was this, as it is they style I would like to knit the vero up in for TP. I may be able to adjust this to fit her as she is growing so quickly, won’t be long until we can share clothes.


I find the vest below a bit strange, I like the way the cable runs diagonally however the side seam wrapping to the front reminds me of cheap ready to wear clothes that have been cut of grain.

I learnt years ago that I shouldn’t play with novelty yarns but schematic of this garment looks very practical.

The collar used as a closure like this isn’t something I have seen before but I’m unsure of the horizontal ribs on the sleeves.

And if I had the figure to pull off a knitted dress, this might be the one I made, of course the gloves are included with the dress pattern.


There are also 5 girls patterns in this issue, most very simple designs like this one.


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