TP’s Tunic



The Tunic progressed well, and I was happy to have it all sewn together and get on to the neck and arms. I knew it was going to be touch and go with the yarn but I was hoping for the best, which of course never happens and even if you knit really fast you always run out of yarn (just like driving fast if your running out of gas). So I now have a 95% complete project to share with you.

I am happy with the fit and I’m confident that it will fit well come next winter, the neck however is another story. I have picked up the calculated number of stitches and although the fit around the neck is good, once you get to the turtle neck bit it is far too wide. I think this a due to a combination of factors: 1, it is a size 12 on an 8 year old so it will be big, and 2, there are just too many stitches, so I think I will rip back and go down 2 needles sizes for the upper bit of the neck, I hope this will fix it as TP isn’t sold on how wide it is at the moment.

Oh and you may notice she is wearing Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat, this is a constant thing since I completed it. She wears it every day and only takes it off when told to by teachers or to have a shower and sleep. This weekend is the first time I have managed to get it to wash, I can see another one of these on my needles in the future.


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