Yesterday afternoon while browsing on Ravelry for groups, (I was looking for a TV-less Group, which I couldn’t find) I came across a link to Goodreads. I clicked on it eagerly in search of book recommendations and fell in love, to me its like Ravelry for books. I got the same excited feeling I got when I joined Ravelry.

I opened an account straight away and just in the opening questionnaire I was hooked. You can add books you have read, or want to read and of course the ones you have read all ready. You can post reviews and find other books you may like from the books already on your shelf. I have even been able to import my reading history from both Waitakere & Auckland Libraries. Another great feature is that it allows you to export your reviews to blogs, and there are all these are great features that I’m still working out, like the quote thing, and “blog this book”.

So now not only do I have Ravelry to distract me from my knitting and other household chores, but I have reading & goodreads. I even set an account up for TP who is an avid reader, you can check out both mine and TPs shelves here.


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