One Down…

Featherweight sleeve

One sleeve down, another to go. I am so greatful that this is turning out to be a much quicker knit then I originaly thought it would be, and with each bit I finish I like it more. I am already planning what I will make my next featherweight out of and how I may change it a little. The fit on this one seems to be good from what I can tell at this stage.

I was cursing rather a lot when I first stared on the sleeve as I don’t have a really short circular in the right size so was trying to use two longer circulars but that really got to me, so then I tried to magic loop it but that wasn’t working too well either, so yesterday we headed off to Knit World to pick a set of DPNs. I was hoping to get a set of 5 bamboo, but they didn’t have any in 3.75 so I went for a set of 4 acetate-coated steel ones in a really pretty pinky colour. I have never used needles like this before but I found they are to my liking, they make a funny sound with the steel ratteling about inside the acetate but I find that kind of nice and they are warm to hold which is a good thing for me, just a shame there is only 4 in a set.


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