Missed Stitches

Missed Stitches

I’m not sure if it is really noticeable in the photo, but over to the left just above the green cotton running as my life line I missed picking up two stitches, which I didn’t discover until I was a good 3/4 of the way through the sleeve. I had thought that the life line was a good idea incase something went wrong with the shaping of the sleeves but in hindsight I needn’t have worried. So I went back with a little crochet hook and worked the two missed stitches back up to the top. Took ages and has pulled the stitches either side rather tight but I’m thinking that I will be able to work those loose when I block the final garment. Blocking is going to be very nessary for this cardigan as at the moment there are large ladders on the sleeves from the dpns and also the whole thing is a bit “textured” for want of a better word.

The good news is that I have finished both sleeves and I’m on to the collar which wasn’t too bad to pick up. I am hoping at this stage I will have it ready to block on Sunday night.


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