Finished Featherweight Cardigan

Finished Featherweight

Pattern: Featherweigth Cardigan
Yarn: Naturally Hand Knit Dawn 50% Wool 50% Silk
Recipient: Me

Notes: I am surprised that this knit only took me a month. It feels devine next to the skin and I’m excited that I still have 3 & 1/2 balls of this yarn left so I can make myself something else. After finishing knitting I was steam blocking it when the iron spilt dirty water on it which stained so I had to wash it. Which was fine but after lying it out to dry it looked like it had grown a lot. I had done a had washed my gauge swatch before I started which shrunk so I was surprised that this grew, but I think it is ok. Longer then I original wanted but it works well at this lenght. I haven’t been able to ease my tight stitches that I picked up on the left sleeve but I’m hoping with wear they will even out.


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