I had almost forgot how much I enjoy sewing, I can’t remember the last time I had the machine out to make something (rather then shortening pants). It is so quick (in comparison to knitting) to complete a project and I can always find something for TP to help out with (see the photo below)

At the end of last term when a notice came home about the school library opening I agreed to make TP an Alice in Wonderland dress. So today we headed out to Smart Dress fabrics, our local independent fabric store, and with the help of the lovely lady we choose out a pattern and some fabric. As usual the pattern cost more then the fabric and cotton, but I choose a pattern that we think we will use again. I know I could have knocked something up without a pattern but I really wanted this to be done in time for the library opening and without a pattern it would take twice as long, if I were to finish it. I think in part the reason I haven’t sewn anything much in the past few years, is I have tried without patterns, and to tell the truth I just don’t have the skill or knowledge to go down the track.

Once we were home, after a bit of a girly trip to the mall, we got straight to cutting out the pattern. That has to be once of the worse bits of commercial patterns, cutting them all out of that yucky brown tissue. I of course being the frugal person I am cut out the largest size then carefully fold it down to the size I want, therefore extend this part of the sewing process by at least 25 minutes. Today instead of using my rusty old pins, (must buy some new ones) I grabbed the family wheat packs used them as pattern weights to cut out the pattern, they worked great, so great that I may get TP to make me some more for this purpose. Then off to the sewing machine I headed, and didn’t look back until I was almost finished.


Finished photos on the weekend hopefully.


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