Lettuce in old recycle bin

Spring has finally started here in the southern hemisphere and after a good few weeks of battling in the backyard we seem to have got it under control for the time being. We have only a small back yard and the only access to it is through the house, which means getting anything into the backyard is a bit of a pain. As such when we brought this place (3 years ago on the 10 of Nov) that we could settle for a hand mower, it meant a few things: 1. I could easily carry it from the backyard to the front without make too much of a mess. 2. No need to buy gas & 3. It would be good excerise for us. One thing we didn’t fully understand was that with a hand mower it needs to be able to get traction on the ground for the blades to turn and cut the grass and over winter with the rain we get here in Auckland the mower becomes pretty much useless as it just slips all over the place. So this year with all the rain the grass got out of control and took some serious weed whacking to get under control. Having spent the best part of a whole day last weekend undertaking said weed whacking I was happy when the extra weekend day (Labour Day Monday) rolled around and I was able to plant a few vegies.

We have plans for our big garden to be taken apart and made into 3 smaller ones which will be placed in more appropriate places in the yard so in the mean time I have gathered up what containers I could find and have planted in those. I have even tried tomatoes in the hanging basket this year, I’ll let you know how they go. So far I have 6 lettuce and 6 tomatoes, I am hoping to plant corn, potatoes, carrots, leak, and  beetroots all once we have moved the garden.


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