Public Transport Commuting

Over the past month a lot has changed, one of those changes is that I now get to commute home from work on the bus. I have never had an aversion to public transport so this didn’t phase me and now that I have sorted out which bus goes where and how many stages I require I almost look forward to home time rolling around so I can sit back in my own little world as the bus takes me closer to home. I have taken to listening to my ipod as a way to relax, not so much music but more podcasts or audio books, the first of which I finished tonight.

The Joy Luck Club The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I had started to read this book but found it hard to get into so when I found it on Overdrive I was delighted, listening is often easier when I find a book hard going.
Having heard a lot about this I was looking forward to the story evolving but the jumping from one story to another then back again I found myself very lost. There were some really great story lines in there but I just found them too fragmented for my liking, this could have been because the Audio is abridged.
Maybe one day when I have heaps of free time to sit in the sun and read I will pick the book up and give it another go.

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