Last Minute Crafting

Some years back I had a little dabble with embroidery, but it didn’t get any further then an old nappy with some doodlings on it.


Then for some crazy reason this Christmas I decide to make hand embroidered placemats for Mum, this wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I had given myself time, but I’m not that type of person as we should all know by now. 3 pm Christmas Eve I got started cutting the placemats out, then found a rather cool tree vector image online. I don’t really know how you are suppose to transfer the pattern on to your fabric but I did the ol’ fashioned ‘pattern behind and hold it up at the window’ technique which was popular back in my school days for lettering on projects, yes kids we didn’t have Computers back then do make our projects look all fancy. From there it went pretty good but after spending a good few hours sitting on my backside embroidering I got a rather stiff neck and felt it was time to head to bed, so Mum only got three placemats on Christmas day with a promise of the forth to come.

Tree placemats

Christmas morning was an early one so after TP’s excitement of presents I sat down to Nana’s present, a Tea towel. Now admittedly I have had this ready to be stitched coming on 2 years so really there was no excuse for this to be done in a hurry on Christmas morning, but it kind of added to the fun of the day. Didn’t turn out too bad if I do say so myself.

Fruit Tea Towel

You can see the rest of the tea towel along with some more shots of the placements here. And there might even be some more embroidery to come.


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