Failed headphone cord tidy

I had seen these little gadgets poping up everywhere and the idea seems like a good one. I am forever getting my headphones tangled around everything in my bag, but why buy when you can make.

My first step was to make some templates out of paper to see what kind of size I would be needing.


This took more goes then I thought but after drawing “the template” and cutting it out of card I realised that it was really too big and didn’t do the job like I wanted.


So I freehanded on cardboard and got “it”.


So then I hunted through the recycling and found a plastic (#5) lid and proceeded to draw around my cardboard template. Cutting around the lip was a bit of a pain to start but once that was out of the way it was easy going and the finished edge was surprisingly smooth.


So that was that, it was a good size and everything but the plastic just wasn’t sturdy enough so it all ended up in the bin, maybe I’ll give it ago again when we have thicker plastic in the recycling but until then my headphones will be a tangle.


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