Happy Birthday to Blog

2 years on and going strong? I hope so.  I know there have been moments where it seems I may have spontaneously combusted but I have recovered. Knitting may not have been featuring quite so often but I’m still hanging in there with the socks for TP, that no I didn’t finish for Christmas.

Photography I am happy to say has increased with my Wordless Wednesdays, I like being able to share a single shot and have you make what you will of it. With the addition to my kit of a 50mm f1.8 lens I have been challenging myself with a fixed focal length and I hope this will help improve my photography. I have been very happy with a lot of my recent shots of which I am still to share with you.

Things have changed in my work life so I may not have as much crafting time but it is allowing me to read more as I commute. Finding Goodreads this year has lead me to new and more deserve subjects matter in my reading and I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on books with you.

I don’t know what is install this coming year but I’m sure I will find things to share with you. I have made myself up a little bit of a schedule so hopefully postings will come regularly, and there will always be something new every few days.


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