I have been wanting to add a new work dress to my wardrobe for awhile now but have been unable to find one that is all that I want so it had not happend yet, then while broswing I found a link to the Coffee Date Dress by Elaine It is a free pattern that she offers on Burdastyle which is extremely kind of her.

The first thing to do with patterns from the Burday Style website once downloaded is to play jigsaw and stick all those A4 bits together.

dress pattern

This was rather fun, do like my purple tape? 20 pieces of paper in total all of which are recycled from the waste bin at work so as to help reduce my carbon footprint, or something like that. Having taped them all together I then set out to the cutting, more fun to be had on a friday night. So then the time comes to make a muslin as the pattern is a 32 or US RTW 0 which in all reality I really do not think will fit me  but I gave it a go and it looks like with only a little 1/2 inch added it will fit.

Off to my fav local fabric store where I found so many I liked that I was a little overwhelmed, but then I spied it. Here is a little sneak peak but I’m not giving too much of this away until I have finished the dress.

Coffee Date Dress Fabric

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