That is the view I have out the living room window today, over in the UK SIL is dealing an apparent temp of 2ºc here in Auckland we have an apparent of 30.3º. I know this is nothing to my friends in other parts of the world but for me here I’m hot. I wanted to do so many things today but I’m just too hot to move, so I have been surfing the net hiding from the sun, a bit sad really.

I found the Bloglovin site while on Diary of a Vintage Girl. I’m thinking this is going to be a great way for me to follow all the blogs I read, are you on it? I have added most of the blogs I follow and “claimed” The Trouble with Sbubble”. Oh and speaking of Diary of a Vintage Girl she is currently running a little competion for some very flash peach Alouette lingerie, and the best bit its open to everyone.

Peachy Peaches

Millions of Peaches for Free

Out in the garden the peach tress has been overloaded with peaches. I love peaches but this is the first year we have had a decent crop, previous years the tress has suffered leaf curl or the birds have beat us but this year we have the upper hand with soapy water for the leaf curl and an old cd for the birds.The peaches are incredibly juicy which makes them the perfect fruit for a day like today.

I’m now off to eat a few and sit on the cool side of the house with my book.


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