Swimmers’ Rope by Stephanie Johnson

Swimmers’ Rope by Stephanie Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
From the books back cover:
“Norman and Lyn have been friends since their childhoods in early 20th century New Zealand, when they grew up as next-door neighbours. Back in 1912, at the age of fourteen, Lyn is sent into the bush to manage a mill. When Norman visits him he has an experience that shapes the rest of his life.”

The story carries Norman form a young child in the early 20th century New Zealand all the way through to his 70’s leaping to and fro between a child and young adult, to a man past his prime and living with a secret. The narrative of the story changes as it goes between past and present, allowing all the main charters to put their tilt on the story.

I feel the blurb for this book does not let you imagine what is install for you once deep in the story line and it wasn’t until the last 1/4 that I truly understood the horror that Norman had held with him for so many years. A thoroughly engaging story.

I had never read Johnson’s work before but will definitely seek it out in the future, she has a great voice that I look forward to exploring more.

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