Whisper Cardigan Finished

The plan was to have this finished to wear to work on Tuesday and it turns out that I will be.

Everything went really smoothly with the knitting processes and the pattern was a breeze to follow. Originally, I thought I would remove the centre back decreasing and increasing which creates that line but once I started knitting I realised it is there for a purpose. If I were to knit this again I would try some of that clear tape they use to reinforce shoulders on knit tops, sorry I don’t know what it is called, and stitch that along the inside centre back do the same job as the decreasing. The only modification I did was a single row of crochet around the bottom and sleeves to stop them rolling as much.

Whisper Cardigan

Whisper Cardigan

Whisper Cardigan

The line which is created by the decrease & increase rows

Whisper Cardigan

The fronts don't sit like this naturally


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