Little Gems Mitts

Little Gem Mits

Pattern: Little Gem Mitts by Donna Kay
Yarn: Grignasco Strong Prints

I orignally started these gloves last winter but put them on the back burner after finishing the first one and finding that I really disliked the fit of the afterthought thumb, instead I went with the Cupcake Mittlets. I went back to these this month with the intention to finish them for TP’s 9th birthday, the second glove flew and although I ended up with two left gloves a quick unpick, thanks to the use of a life line, saw the second glove finished within a day or so. TP was happy with the finished result and a year on they fit her almost perfectly. The stripes don’t match up but the two are close enough yet far enough way form each other to, in my opinion look great.

Little Gem Mits

Little Gem Mits


2 responses to “Little Gems Mitts

  • Brumby

    And here was me thinking you were knitting something for MY birthday, agh well… They very funky, I really like the colour combination, that green in particular is quite lovely!

  • sbub

    Yes well Brumby your birthday present is not knitted and I have thrown it in the corner in disgust, perhaps it might be finished for next birthday, sorry.

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