Pattern: Citron by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn:Naturally Dawn 2ply 50% wool 50% silk

This was my mystery project that I knitted while on holiday in the Bay of Islands, I grabbed the stuff last minute as I was packing my bag but was not too sure if I would even start it. As it turned out I cast on the day after we arrived and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to knit. The one thing that did start to get me a little about this project was how long it was taking to compete a row near the end but with 500 stitches on each row your really should expect it to take a while.

I knitted the whole thing on a 4 mm 60 cm knit picks options needle which didn’t allow me the length to really spread the shawl out as I was knitting so the first time I saw it in the full was after I cast off and it was not love at first sight. I knew I would love the feeling of the shawl as the yarn is amazing, but the style just did not look like “Me”. On playing with ways to wear it though it became apparent that this was in fact my style and that it will be getting a fair amount of wear.



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