Pattern:Buttonhead by Lee Meredith
Yarn: Yarn Bee Seasoned Spice #071 from Spotlight & Patons Zhivago

I have recently purchased a full set of DPNs, sizes 2 mm – 10mm, from Knit Nacks and was very keen to try them out. They worked perfectly to start this pattern out, much easier than fumbling around with a circular with only 4 stitches on it.

The pattern itself was a breeze and I love the way that by starting at the top you don’t get that little hole in the top (I had never done a top down hat before) I had originally liked this pattern because I didn’t need to do a gauge swatch and saw it as a great way to use up some of my stash yarn, a little pact I have made with myself.

The main yard was purchased on clearance from the big nasty Spotlight for $1.99 and the Zhivago was left overs from something made pre Ravelry days when I first purchased Stitch ‘n’ Bitch The Happy Hooker, I believe it was the Ruffled Corset Belt. I really was hoping to get the whole thing out of the Yarn Bee stuff but there just wasn’t enough so I found the Zhivago and it matached pretty well, even if it really needs to be knitted on smaller needles.

The finished hat I am happy with although I will be sewing the button tab to the hat so as to get rid of the gap that forms.



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