Hooray For My Gloves (Stash Crusade #3)

I’m on a self imposed stash busting crusade. My stash isn’t huge, but it is taking up valuable draw space that could be used to much better effect for clothing. My first few projects have gone really well and I have already posted about them. Next on the list of yarn to knit was the remainder of the Vintage Purls Brunswick which I had to purchase to finish Dads Basket Weave socks, they were finished back in 2008 so it was time for this yarn to be used.

Hooray for His Gloves

Pattern: Hooray For My Gloves by Marnie McClean
Yarn: Vintage Purls Sock

As somewhat of a fingerless glove veteran Lossy had a lot of imput into his gloves. The finger length was of the utmost importance, long enough to be warm yet short enough to let his fingers move unimpeded. The gloves may look a little short but Lossy had requested them this way, he does not like a long ribbed band as he likes “wristlicular” (his word) freedom.

All up the gloves took me a week, even after suffering from “second glove syndrom”, and I’m pretty happy with them with one exception, there is still yarn left…


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