Thorpe (Stash Crusade #4)


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Yoshie by Naturally Yarns

#4 of my Stash Crusade is some Yoshie which was gifted to me by Mum, this hasn’t been sitting in the stash for as long as the last stuff but it needed to be moved along. I had 2 and a bit balls so I used the Ravelry pattern search’s meters filter which is one of my favourite fitters on Ravelry when I’m trying to use stash yarn, nothing worse than starting a project to clear out the stash only to have to go and buy more as you run out. I had heaps of choices but went with the hat because I knew TP could use it on her upcoming camp to Motutapu.

My Gauge was a little off so I did an extra round of increases for the crown and then followed the small size. All up the hat took about 5 hours with dinner in the middle of that so not so bad, but yet again I have a problem; There was yarn left over…


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