Little Socks (Stash Crusade #5)

Little socks

You know when I finished Thorp I had yarn left over, well the rules I have set for the Stash Crusade is that I must use leftover yarn. As such I weighed it on the digital scales and worked out how many meters I had, then I put that into the Ravelry search engine which pulled up my possible patterns.

So after looking at my options I went with the Toes-ty pattern by Denise Dalton. Now it just so happens that Lossy knows of someone who is expecting the birth of their first child in the next 8 or so weeks so she is the lucky recipient of the these socks.

The knitting went very fast and I was able to knit each sock in about 40 minutes, although each was a week apart which made it hard to remember how I had adjusted the heel on the first sock, but hey it just shows they are handmade, the toes also look  bit wonky but never mind, I’m sure they will do the job.

All up even with the imperfections on these socks I’m pretty happy and the best part, I have used all of the Yoshie yarn I had left. I can see my scales and the meter filter on Ravelry becoming very close friend during my crusade.


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