Lacy Mitts (Stash Crusade #6)

Lacy Mitts

Pattern: Lacy Mitts By naganasu
Yarn: Vintage Purls Brunswick

Stash Crusade #6 is the result of needing to use all of the remaining Vintage Purls sock yarn from the Hooray For My Gloves. I was wanting a pair of gloves for myself but did not want them to match Lossy’s. On Raverly I again used the meterage filter and came up with this pattern. Originally my intenision was to use the back leg lace from the #31 Lace Stockings pattern from Vogue spring/summer 2009, but after 3 repeats I realised that the yarn wasn’t dyed in a way that would complement the lace and it was a lot of work for such a poor affect, so I went back to the patterned lace. It was a piece of cake to remember and in the end was a good choice as it broke the colours of the yarn up nicely without losing the work of the lace.

The construction of these gloves is from the top down allowing me to knit until I ran out of yarn, which I did indeed do much to my relief. It also introduced me to a new way of doing the thumb. I made the thumb longer than the pattern called which has worked well in the “wild” with these gloves. The only down side is I don’t find them easy to type with as I can’t spread my fingers easily to reach though peacky “y” and “q” keys, but over all I’m pretty happy with these and they are keeping my hands warm on the walk home at night.

My next Stash Crusade is a biggie and will use at least 7 balls from my stash, if you have already seen the swatch on Ravelry you’ll know what I’m on about but I’ll leave you hanging a bit for more details here.

Lacy Mitts


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