Marigold Sweater (Stash Crusade #7)

Marigold Finished

Pattern: Marigold Sweater by Amy Polcyn. Interweave Knits Summer 2010
Yarn: Wendy Wash & Wear
I purchased this yarn back in 2007 after the Gisborne Earthquake when the local yarn shop was badly damaged. The stock was brought up to Auckland and sold off at the Goldmine. I went a little silly at the sale and this was one of the packs that 3 years later was still sitting in my stash. I had originally intended it to be made up into the Snapping Turtle Skirt by Norah Gaughan but nothing ever came of that. Over the years I had many a project marked for this yarn but when I saw the summer 2010 Interweave knits I knew this would by it. The joy of the yarn is that it is machine washable, which for a cardigan (I’m not sure why it is call sweater, to me a sweater is something you pull on over your head) I intended to get a lot of wear out of  would make for ease of laundering.

Marigold Finished

The stitch pattern drew me to the design straight away and I was delighted to find it was a 4 stitch, 4 row repeat making it extremely easy to remember, always a bonus. I did my gauge swatch as any good knitter does and it was spot on so away I went. The rib took forever and after 2 pattern repeats I noted that my gauge was in fact off so I went up to a 4.5 mm needle, I believe this was my downfall, I should have listened to the original gauge swatch.

The pattern is straight forward although the shaping in pattern is a relatively new thing to me so it did take a little while to work out. All up the knitting took 10 days to complete which I was happy with however the sewing up did not go well. After three attempts of sewing in the sleeves, I enlisted the help of my wonderful Mum, who to my relief also had a tad of trouble. In the end she worked out my problem, I knit looser coming to the end of my rows so although one side is correct the other end is a bit bigger and got the sleeves in. I sewed up the rest myself having small amounts of trouble with the yarn overs at the edges but got it all together in the end. I must say having not knitted a garment with so much finishing in a while it did feel like it took an awful long time. I picked up 110 stitches for each band and a total of 106 for the neck band, there was just no way I could get the much lower count that the pattern called for. The only other change I made was eyelet button holes as my buttons are smaller then called for and the eyelet work fine.

Marigold Finished

I was a disappointed when I finally got the whole thing finished, it is too big. I made the smallest size which is a 34″ and I am only 32″ so I should have know that I would end up with positive ease. If I had of stuck with the 4 mm needles as my gauge swatch told me to I may have had a better result but all up after two wears I have had nice comments on it so although it isn’t the piece I had envisioned the start I do think it will get worn.


One response to “Marigold Sweater (Stash Crusade #7)

  • Brumby

    I do like the style, but have decided I do not like the stitch after all for me, I am more of a lace girl, but it very much suits you! The colour will work really well with other items in your wardrobe already too, which is always a bonus!

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