I extended my photography kit this week with something I have wanted for a good while, a flash gun. I am fortunate to know a number of people in the photographic industry so was able to get a Sony HVL-F42AM at a bargain price. My aim now is to learn how to use it well enough to shoot some really good portraits at an upcoming family gathering. It is a 80th birthday party and will be, more than likely, one of the last times the whole the family is together.

I know little about using a flash gun, but what I do know is that bouncing it gives really good results, so after a few plays I grabbed TP and got a couple of shots to show this.

Popup Camera Flash

Pop up Flash

Off camera bounced flash

Off camera bounced flash

I think the two photos to the left show why a flash gun is really needed if you want to get good results with a flash. The first is taken with the pop up flash on my A200, the second with the new flashgun off camera, to the left, bounced off the ceiling.

I am now on the hunt for some good websites that explain more about getting the most out of my new purchase and I hope to share some much improved flash shots with you in the coming weeks. It is nice to know that I can work on my photography after work now as I am not limited to natural lighting.


One response to “Flash

  • Brumby

    Yah for new toys, it is insanely annoying being limited to natural lighting! Amazing what a difference it makes for softening her features too isn’t it!

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