Stash Crusade Slip Up

Scarf Lining

My crusade against the stash has been going really well, as I have shared with you, however I did have a little slip up. You see that lovely entrelac scarf I made for TP, well she loves it but it was too scratchy against her neck so I needed to line it. I had two options; polar fleece or knitted. I went for the knitted option even though it resulted in the need to visit a yarn shop and purchase yarn. The yarn I purchased was a Patons Dreamtime which is a 4 ply wool. I knitted it up on 4 mm needles for a more open fabric, then I sewed it onto the reverse of the Enterlac scarf. The result is great and although in hindsight I should have done it a little wider, I really like the effect it has given, the colour was also a really good match to the Vero.

Buttonhead 2

My other slip up, although technically I did not purchase yarn, was in the way of some merino possum which Mum gave me from her stash, (maybe helping out someone else stash is just as good) to make myself another buttonhead, this one doesn’t have the button band so perhaps would be better called buttonlesshead. My original Buttonhead is great and I really do love it, more than this one, but where I ran out is the exact place were I need the warmth and the acrylic that I finished the hat in is just not warm enough when heading down the main drag at 6 pm after work. This one is perfect, the possum content of the yarn makes it super warm and I no longer arrive home with frozen ears. It’s also great for sleeping in when I just can’t get warm.


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