Willow (Stash Crusade #9 ) Part 1

Still on my stash crusade after falling off last week, I have used three balls so far on one project and it looks like a fourth may be needed. This the first blog part in the Willow (Stash Crusade #9), as she is not finished.

Willow comes from the Sally the Eco-fairy pattern which was published in the Winter 2007 issues of Knitty.com. I’m not one for making soft toys but TP had favoured her on Ravelry and I saw Sally as a way of using some stash, also a quick project for the World Cup game on Ravelry.

I had some TLC Cara Mia left over from a baby cardigan and it looked like a great colour for Willow (TP named her pretty much as soon as I had finished the head) On finishing the head, which included stuffing it with an old pair of TP’s footless tights, it looked like I would not have enough to knit all of Willow in the same colour, so TP choose two balls of Spotlights own brand yarn. The plan is to make the dress and body the same colour so I continued on from the head with the arms then the legs. As I thought I was short of the Cara Mia to finish the legs so Willow now permanently wears socks to match her dress. On completing the body, stuffed with an old t-shirt of mine and bits of TP’s old nighty, I moved onto the hair.

Willow's Wig

In my opinion the hair on a handmade doll either makes or breaks it. After a lot of research on the subject yesterday I went with a combination of two techniques.I used this tutorial to crochet a wig and latch hook the strands of yarn, then Mia’s embroidery technique to finish off with a fringe. The end result although not fully finished yet, the longer base layers need trimming, I am very happy with. It has provided a thick cover of “hair” which will be able to be styled by TP if desired.

Willow's Wig

The yarn is Mode Vera Jelly, which I picked up out of a clearance bin for $1. As you can see by the ball I wasn’t aware until I got it home and had a good look at it that it had the really dark bits in it, I guess that is one of the joys and disappointments of variegated yarns. However it has turned out to be the perfect yarn for hair. I used the dark colour on the base then the lightest parts for the top. TP commented that it looks like hers.

I have now moved onto the dress for which I have taken inspiration from tausigma’s Garden Variety Fairy and used a lace pattern for the dress. But more on this next weekend, when i hope to be able to share Willow finished.


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