Willow (Stash Crusade #9) Part 2

I don’t really have much to tell you this week, I pretty much summed it all up last week in Part 1. So without further delay I would like to introduce you to Willow.



I am over the moon with the finished result and happy I spent the time making the wig as I really do think that her hair makes her. I was worried doing the eyes as my embroidery is not the best but they have turned out great too. TP loves her and that is really what is important. She is stuffed with old clothing that TP has grown out of but was reluctant to let leave the house. I hope she will give years of joy and that she will travel wherever TP does in the future. You can find more photos of Willow here.

All up I used three balls of yarn from my stash which I’m pretty happy about, and they have worked well together. I’m now moving onto the sock yarn I purchased last winter. It is one of those self striping ones so the pair of socks should go pretty quickly as they will just be plain toe ups. This morning I learnt a new toe up cast on for DPNs which I will tell you more about next weekend.


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