Socks (Stash Crusade #10)

Well it’s Sunday so I guess I should tell you about my knitting this week.

As mentioned last week I have taught myself a new casting on for toe up socks on DPNs. I had tried a Turkish way, which Mum loves but I just could not get it, she uses the magic loop method for socks where I really do prefer DPNs and I think this is why I could not get the turkish cast on to work. I hunted around on the net for a while then came across Cat Brudhi’s Personal footprint cast on. After a few goes I got the hang of it with some waste yarn so then went to my stash to see what I could do.


Last winter I purchased a few balls of Grignasco Strong Print which is an Italian sock yarn. The remaining ball I had was fair isles dye jobs. The balls only have 210 meters so the socks were going to be short but then I found the left overs from TP’s Little Gem Mitts, I guessed with the two I would be able to get out normal length socks, meaning the leg is the same length as the foot.

I originally cast on 3 stitches, as the video showed, but then choose to undo this and start with 6 which has made for a very square toe, they remind me a bit of how Witches feet are described in the Roald Dahl Book. Next time I will stick with 3. For the sole I have used reverse stocking stitch as I find this more comfy to walk on, and I chose to do a heel flap. Both socks were knit without a pattern and although they don’t match they are both very comfortable to wear and  are keeping my feet much warmer then the nylon shop brought pairs.

Now don’t tell anyone but I have added to my stash this week, I know I’m not meant to be doing this but Lossy really does need a new pair of socks and I didn’t have any yarn that would do so after I have finished what is currently on my needles I will be onto another pair of socks.


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