Littleish Loafers (Stash Crusade #11)


Last weekend I purchased this pattern from cocoknits. I love knitted slippers, as do the other members of the household but having a front load washing machine means any slipper that calls for felting is a bit of a drag as you can not control the felting well enough for garments. This pattern however is not felted but still retains a what I see as a solid shape. So after downloading the pattern I went to the stash and pulled out some left over Naturally Merino et Soie 10 Ply. It is a super soft yarn however does not wear so well, perhaps not the best choice for slippers, as you can see after only a few days wear they look a little tired but since they are TP’s size and she is growing every so fast I’m thinking she will out grow them before the wear out.


The pattern is a breeze to follow and is so short that I completed the first slipper in around 5 hours. This pair is knitted at a gauge of 16 sts = 3.5 inches which is half an inch smaller than what it calls for but this worked out to be the perfect size for TP who, for reference wears a size 2 shoe. Knitting at this gauge with the worsted weight yarn held double was difficult at times and my fingers got an indent from pushing the tip of the needle back. But we do these things for love and knitting.

I have now cast on a pair for myself out of some recycled wool, which is nowhere as soft as these but I’m sure they will still be warm.


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