Loafers Again (Stash Crusade #12)

Wow, would you look at that, this is my 12th stash crusade project, which is pretty cool and much needed. I now have a draw which can be used 1/2 for yarn and get this, 1/2 for clothes!

Loafers #2

Loafers #2

This week’s project is another pair of loafers from the same pattern as last week but this time in my size. The yarn is recycled from a pair of leg warmers that my lovely mum made for me a few years back, that winter they got a lot of wear but since they have been sitting in my draw unworn. I’m sure Mum doesn’t mind me re knitting the yarn into something else. The yarn is a 100% wool in a worsted weight and is more suited to slippers than what I used for TP’s pair. Once again they knitted up super fast so within only a few days I had cosy feet in handmade slippers. I have been contemplating purchasing some of these as on titles I do tend to go for a little slip but then perhaps I just need to be more conscious of the flooring change.


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