Purple Orchard (Stash Crusade #13)

Purple Orchard

This weeks stash crusade is a cardigan for TP. A few years ago I started knitting up some purple DK yarn into a sweater for TP but I never got anywhere with it, the problem being I was trying to do it without a pattern, I now admit I am not the type of person that can do that. So this yarn sat in the stash taunting me of the fact that it was unfinished. I came to the conclusion that the only way this would be finished would be if it was frogged and re-knitted into something from a pattern. I needed to make sure this one was finished, TP even asked if  I would finish this one.

The pattern comes from Petite Purls Spring 2010. It is a pretty straight forward top down raglan with lace from the waist. I was unsure when I started knitting if I was going to do the stripes but as I got into it I thought that it needed something so looking into the stash I found some of Country Silk 8 Ply and so the stripes began. In the end we went with short sleeves and the bands in the contrasting colour. Now to find some buttons and for TP to get well (she has a nasty flu which is taking a good while to recover from) so I can get some action shots of it.

My first spun yarn

In other news today I had a spinning lesson. GrannyG, of Crafternoon Tea podcast fame, kindly offered to give me a lesson, with the help of Westiechick they showed me a thing or two about spinning. What a great experiences it was, even if I didn’t really get the drafting very well and the resulting “yarn” is interesting I really enjoyed myself. Grannyg has kindly lent me a drop spindle to have a go on too, which I did as soon as I got home. So to GrannyG & Westiechick THANK YOU so much!


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