Berry and Bramble Cardigan

No finished projects to show this week, I have started on the Berry and Bramble Cardigan by Mary Gehling from the Fall 09 issue of Interweave knits. Lossy thinks this is a hit or miss pattern and having looked at the pictures and finished projects around the web I tend to agree. The main concern I have for myself with this pattern is the rib, my bum looks big enough without having 10 inches of rib hugging it so I have reduced the rib down to just 5 inches and will be making the whole thing a lot shorter than designed. Ideally it will sit just above my hip, I’m hoping this will mean it won’t make my bum look any bigger than it does and I won’t end up with a chilly gap between pants and top.

swatch for Berry & Brumble Cardigan

Before I cast on for the garment I did a gauge swatch, wasn’t I so good, and found that I need to go down 2 needle sizes to get gauge. Another good thing about doing this swatch it gave me the idea to try a couple of different stitch patterns because at first I didn’t like the berry in a box stitch. It was a lot more textured then what I thought it would be. So I pulled out my Ultimate Source book of knitting and crochet stitches and found two stitch patterns with the same stitch count and row repeat, the row repeat didn’t really matter but it was a bonus that they were the same. Having a look at the swatch photo to the left you can see that the two stitches I tried out were more lace then texture and although I really like the one above the berry in a box, after blocking the swatch out I decided that the texture was really need so went with the patterned stitch.

Berry in a Box stitch

It has been really easy to remember and I motored through the rib and first 8 inches of pattern. I am now up to the neck shaping which I hope to do in pattern, even though the pattern tells me to knit stocking stitch if I don’t have enough stitches to complete a repeat. Others on Ravelry have been able to do this so I’m sure with a lot of frogging I too will be able to decrease in pattern., wish me luck.


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