Berry and Bramble Finished.

Berry and Bramble Cardigan

Berry and Bramble Cardigan

I wasn’t sure if I would get this finished to show you all this weekend but as fate would have it I have had extra knitting time this week. I woke up on Tuesday morning with a rash over my chest & neck along with a sore throat. Headed off to the doctor who diagnosed scarlet fever and put me off work for the week, you can see it on my arms in the photos. Having just had a few days off with the flu it was not good so I called into work and picked up my laptop so I could work remotely, the wonders of modern technology.This meant there was no hour trip home and I was a lot more relax and lets face it, I didn’t do a full 8 hour day, so once “knock off time” came I was ready to sit and knit which is what I did, lucky the rash isn’t itchy.

Berry and Bramble Cardigan

I’m pretty happy with the finished garments, the yarn was easy to work with no joins mid ball (always a plus) and is super warm being a mix of merino, alpaca & possum. So warm in fact I wonder if it will be too warm, although with a long sleeve t it would have been perfect for today’s weather. I managed to decrease in pattern which took a bit of patience but was worth it.  The length I think I have got just right avoiding the rib hugging over my bum but no gap above the pants. The sleeves are the only bit I’m not really happy with, they stick out a bit at the back but I think it’s because it is a bit small across the back but I know from my gauge swatch that it will block out a fair bit bigger so that should fix. I have photographed this pre blocking as Auckland’s weather would mean it would take a few days to really dry but next time I’m at Mum’s I will use her steamer and see if I can stretch it out that way, I’m not really thinking this will work but worth a shot. The pattern was a breeze to follow and I only had to rip back once and that was because I wasn’t paying attention.

Spring starts this week but I don’t think it will warm up for a good month still, I noticed that this time last year we already had flowers on our peach tree where this year there is not even tiny buds. I am glad to have finished this before spring and get a few wears out of it before I have to pack it away for the summer but I’m sure by next winter I will be grateful I have it ready to go.


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