Knitting Techniques

I have been a knitter for a good 5 or so years. During that time I have been knitting pretty safe, sticking to what I know. For the last week or so I have been going over some of the pattern attributes on Ravelry, finding a whole lot of new techniques which I would like to try and slowing making a list of projects to do so. Here are a few I have come up with; (click on the link to see the pattern I’m thinking of)

Colour Work

Construction Methods

Now I am not 100% going to make these but I now have a list which I can refer to when needed. I like knitting for the  process rather than the finished item, so finding new techniques keeps me interested.

Currently I have the first of a pair of socks for Lossy on my needles but I have lost the flow even though I am up to the heel flap. I picked the needle up a couple of times during the week but I have mucked up the slip stitch heel so need to pull it back and find the pattern again before I can get started on them again. I hope to get somewhere on them this coming week but we will wait and see.


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