Not Knitting

The knitting didn’t happen this week like I would have liked it to have. I am stuck with the heel of the socks for Lossy and I haven’t even tried to find the pattern. I guess you could say I have lost my mojo. This seems to happen when I try to knit socks, shouldn’t they be a nice small easy project? When I’m browsing Ravelry I tend to be drawn to garments, its not like I really need any more but I think I am more of a garment knitter.

I have purchased a new dress for work which needs a cardigan to be able to wear it in spring and fall. Once home I could not, for the life of me, find my featherweight cardigan which I think would go with it really well, so I have turned to Ravelry to find a new pattern to knit up. Not that I won’t be able to find the featherweight cardigan again but because it offers me the opportunity to justify casting on another garment when really I should be finishing Lossy’s socks and casting on for TPs, not forgetting that I still have a skein of Needlefood to be knitted up for my own feet.

So this week I am going to do my best to finish at least the first of Lossy’s socks and then perhaps I will allow myself to move onto a new cardigan. It’s not like TP will wear hand knitted sock a lot over the next 6 months.

Oh and just a little picture for you all, TP found this one yesterday and it really cheered me up. It has made me wonder however with the uptake on eftpos how much change really ends up in couches these days?


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