Little Craft Stores, Blocked Drain & Knitting

Apologies for no craft post last week. Sunday (normal blogging day) we had to abandon ship due to a blocked sewer. Rates to get plumbers out on a Sunday start at $300 which was way out of the price range so we took up the hospitality of my parents. Monday morning it was a mere $115 to get it fixed. Now to cover two weeks worth of craftyness.

Muppets Vomit

I had started a new knitting project last week before things turned to clogged drains which I have continued on. It is a drop stitch vest for TP, came about by TP trying to steal my Accidentally on Purpose vest that I made years ago, and wear a lot.  There is no way she is getting that into her draws so I told her I would make her one. This once again put Lossy’s socks on hold, there is something about the yarn that I am hating which is why I think I am finding ways to put them on hold all the time. We raided Mum’s stash again for the yarn for this one, it is a nasty acrylic from Lincraft in Australia, it came to mum via her aunty when they cleaned out her house. Not my choice of yarn but the colours (which looks like muppet vomit) was a hit with TP and at least it will be an easy wash. My Accidentally on Purpose is also knitted out of acrylic of similar quality and it has held up really well. I decided to knit the vest in the round as I really didn’t see any point to knitting it flat and I really don’t like seems for something so simple. I was almost ready to cast off and drop the stitches yesterday but found after trying it on TP that it needed a little more length in the armhole than I thought so I hope to get it done today.

Last Saturday we took in a new craft store which has opened locally. The Little Craft Store opened it’s doors on the 27th of August. It is just a short trip from home so I was excited when I found the blog via Kreachr’s Little Corner the first impression as we approached was this is a cute little shop with a bit of everything. Although stock levels were low (I understand it’s a big investment to stock up a store) there was the promise of great things to come for this little store. TP was particularly taken by the Sweetie Petites Kits. I had seen that she was stocking these from the blog so did a little research before hand on price and was happy to see the in store price was very competitive. The only yarn in store when we visited was Knitsch sock yarn and some rare yarn company stuff, I do hope that this side of the store grows.


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