The Godwits Have Arrived

The Godwits have arrived

The sun is shining here in Auckland this weekend, the first for months! So instead of sitting inside I have been out in the garden. The lawn hasn’t been able to be mowed for months so we have taken the mower and weed-eater out of the shed and given them both a really good work out. The duvet is on the line getting a much-needed airing and the pillows are about to make their way out too.

In celebration of spring arriving I got a new hair style yesterday, much shorter than I have had in the past. It will take a few days to get over the just cut look and when I am brave enough I will share it with you. I can see that I will be wearing scarf still on a daily basis as my neck is so cold.

So I have checked out Ravelry this morning to see what quick spring scarfs I could whip up, not that I can knit at them moment. You see I have developed a very painful writs when I knit, I have always had a problem with my wrist when crocheting but it hadn’t been a problem with knitting until last weekend. I have done a little research and found some exercise to try so hopefully I will be able to finish Tp’s vest very soon.


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