Drop Stitch Vest

Drop Stitch Vest

Pattern: Accidentally on Purpose by Jamie Chupick from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation
Yarn:Lincraft Double Knitting Acrylic
I don’t really have much insight to tell about this one. TP is happy with the finished result which is the ultimate outcome. The whole time I was knitting this the colour said “Muppet Vomit”, but I hoped once the stitches were dropped it would break it up a bit, which I think it has. It goes with a lot of the colours TP wears so should be a regular in the wash basket. The acrylic isn’t the nicest to work with but it isn’t the worst I have every tried to knit. More photos can be found here.

My arm pain had eased a lot so I have started a summer scarf this week after I finished the vest. A simple bias pattern that I wasn’t too sure about to start with but it grew on me and I’m happy to have committed to it now. Unfortunately after getting out in the garden today with the weed eater the pain is back so I think it will be slow progress. Fortunately for me, Mum whipped me up a scarf this weekend which will provide that little bit of warmth I am needing in the office. Thanks Mum!


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