Summer Knitting

DSC04014Summer knitting always is slow with me, I thought the much need spring scarf wouldn’t be too bad but I really can’t get into it. The pattern is easy enough that I still remembered it after 3 days of not knitting but I can’t keep at it for more then a few rows, I keep thinking of garments I would rather be knitting. I wonder if it would be ok to hold off on Lossy socks until autumn and move onto a summer cardigan? I am wanting to knit another featherweight cardigan but in a smaller size. My original grew when I blocked it and it really is too big, I had thought of frogging it but I really don’t think I’m up to it.

The bias scarf seems to be tighter on the shorter side then the other. I don’t know if this is because I knit looser at the end of rows or if it has something to do with the bias nature of the fabric. It could also have something to do with having to do k3tog at the end of some rows as I stuffed up the pattern on the first few rows. I’m hoping with blocking I will be able to even it out.

Speaking of blocking, I hate trying to block lace. Currently on the lounge floor I have the scarf mum gave me trying to block but it is very wobbly. I have read on a few blogs about using tig welding wire for lace blocking. This seems like what would work best for me Vintage Purl has a nice entry on her site regarding it so I might try to get some. It would also allow me to block my shawl I knitted, currently it is a bit of mess hanging over my mirror.


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