Garden Labour

GardenLabour weekend we did just that, Labour. We spent a good amount of it out in the garden getting it under control & moving our raised bed to a more appropriate location. When we first extended it we put it under the eaves of the unit right next to the patio, the theory being we could still garden when it was raining and close to the house to pick fresh veg for dinner. In reality the spot didn’t get enough sun due to the maple tree and it made it impossible to clean gutters. It has now been moved to where there was once a tangelo tree which gave in to the borer last summer. It was a bit of a mission to move it but we managed to get it done by the Sunday which left Monday to cut back the the flax which had got very out of control.

So having done so much outside I was in need of knitting time, but the bias scarf was just too hard to get into I wanted mindless stocking stitch so I cast on a Shapeshifter in Vero (which is so hard to get a good photo of). I won’t get to wear it for a while, but it is the best kind of project to sit down with when I get home after a busy day at work. I aim to do at least one pattern repeat each day so as to make myself have some relax time.


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