Making Lace Solid

November is almost at an end and it already feels like summer here in Auckland. Today we reached 26ºC which is what I consider a late January temperature. With the start of the warm weather my knitting always slows down. There is more time to spend outdoors and really who likes sitting around with extra layers lying across them, knitting hanging from the needles. I haven’t a lot to show you, the project which I started a few weeks back is no more then an inch and has been relegated to the hibernation pile along with my bias scarf which there is no need for at current temperature. I will attempt to do a few rows each night on the first but the later will be in the pile until near autumn I think.

What I do have to share is about the Solid lace workshop of Vintages Purls which I attends yesterday, along with mum. It was interesting to learn what types of lace patterns can work by taking out the holes. So often I see garment patterns which have lace but would be a lot more practical with those holes closed up. It was a bit to take in yesterday but I think I got it so this morning after mowing the lawn I sat outside on the new furniture, which I love, and gave it ago with the pine tree pattern from Mary Thomson’s book of knitting patterns.
Making Lace Solid

The first repeat (bottom) I did with the holes so I could compare, I should have done this with the one I did yesterday at the workshop. Next I decided I wanted my stitches moving away from the decreases so the first yarn over was change to a right increase, the second to a left. For these I used the knit into the stitch below method. For the third repeat I reversed it so my increases were in the same direction as the decreases once again with knit into stitch below method. The last two repeats are done with yarn overs which are closed up on the purl round. I’m really not sure which is which on these so if anyone can tell me please do. I plan to do a bit more experimenting with closing the holes in lace but need to find a stitch guide with more lace patterns.

Oh and yesterday I also purchased a lace weight yarn to make another featherweight cardigan, I hope to get started on this pretty quickly as it is such a great garment to throw on over dresses in summer when it gets a bit chilly. I went with a redish colour way which I hope will complement a lot in my wardrobe. More on that next week maybe.


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